Arlene Meadows

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A Living Legend

Who is Arlene?

Welcome to the website of Arlene Meadows, a retired actress, dramatic soprano, sometime mezzo, radio show host, and voice actress.

After semi-retiring from a life of singing (operas, operettas, musicals, TV variety, comic reviews) and acting (films, plays, TV series and commercials) and nearly 28 years as a classical radio host (Classical 96.3FM), Ms Meadows has filled her days writing poetry, letters to penpals and trying to finish her memoir ‘From the Prairies to Paris’. She loves to laugh as much as possible with her neighbours at Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto, Ontario, where she has resided since its inception in 1993.

Her memoir offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of showbiz, filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments. Join Arlene on a journey through time and discover the stories behind the glitz and glamour or lack there of!


A lifetime of performances

Browse through Arlene’s impressive portfolio and relive some of her most memorable performances.


Embark On A Journey Through The Incredible Life Of A True Performer And Storyteller.

From the Prairies to Paris shares tender memories with Arlene’s family and friends growing up in Alberta and intimate details of her life and loves over her expansive artistic career. Whether you prefer a physical copy or reading on your device, you can now experience the captivating world of a seasoned artist’s life story in a whole new way. So get lost in the world of entertainment and order a copy today to discover the magic of a true performer.